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STAFF (Of Mangalore One)

(a) Governing Board

Mr. Sharat Saxena, IPS. ex. DG of police, Karnataka & Chairman. (Ph. +91 99725_82100)

Dr. A. Ravindra, IAS. ex. Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore. (Ph. +91 98804_54112)

Mr. Ashok Sinha IAS. ex. Secretary to Government of India, Delhi (Ph. +91 98218_44044)

Mr. M.K. Srivastava, IPS ex DG of police,Karnataka, Bangalore. (Ph: +91 98452_14008)

Prof. Eresi, Phd ex. HOD, Department of Commerce, Bangalore University, Bangalore. (Ph: +91 99804_24926)

Prof. Balvir Reddy, Phd. ex Vice Chancellor, VT University, Government of Karnataka. (Ph: +91 94484_71100)

(b) Teachers

School are made not by its Building & equipments: But by its TEACHERS.

Principal is Ms. Vidya Kamath G, M.A, B.Ed

**Almost all our teachers are 1st divisioners: with teaching ablility

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